Main motto for most of us here is to connect to our childhood friends / classmates who are from Gudilova. Since 1985, when the first batch left Gudilova, there are a few hundred graduates who have gone through those roads into the huge wild World.

The purpose of the coalition is to provide opportunities for professional and social networking and collaborations among alumni, students, staff and faculty. These opportunities may include networking events, personal and professional mentoring, social events, community service, promoting school acitivites, fundraising and outreach programs. The alumni own www.gudilovans. & domains.

The main idea behind this site is to try and help us connect, meet and greet our friends, classmates, seniors and juniors whom you might have thought ” The Unreachable”.

Please help us improve the site by sharing your school pictures,memories, passing the word about this site and giving us feedback. We all appreciate your time and keep visiting this site for news & updates.

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